Tablecloth Sizing

How to find the correct size tablecloth for your table


Round Tables

When buying round tablecloths from Just Party Linen the measurement given is the diameter of the cloth so the method below will work when trying to figure out what size cloth to buy.

When trying to fit round tablecloths there are two looks. The first one is the formal look for business and other events. For these we generally say allow a 25-30cm drop which means you need to measure the diameter of the table (see pic below) then add 50- 60cm to this measurement (twice the drop). For a more elegant look for events such as weddings we recommend a 75cm drop (this is the average height of all tables). This will allow the tablecloth just hit the floor. Once again to get the measurement for your round tablecloths you need to get the diameter of the table and add 150cm to this measurement.

This method is illustrated below:



Rectangular Tables

Based on the asumption that the standard height of tables is 75cm you can choose your tablecloth size by using the methodology below. To get the length of your tablecloth measure the length of the table and add twice the desired drop (length you want the tablecloth to overhang the table). Do this again to get the width.
Below is a diagram for illustration of the method.